Below is a presentation of my sponsors and partners who support/collaborate with me in my investment in swimming.

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Support me in my effort in swimming!
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XBASE gives you more than quality-assured accounting services, we give you peace of mind. For us, it is obvious to work closely with you as a customer, on your terms. Through personal service and wholehearted commitment, we give you the opportunity to focus on your business one hundred percent. We help you with what we are good at and you get more time to do what you are good at.

Digital notice board, reception TV, internal TV, electronic signage or digital signage. Smartsign is the only software you need to be able to publish internal and external communications. Easy to use and you can publish content to multiple screens at the same time. Read more at https://www.smartsign.se Are you looking for new challenges and want to be part of a growth journey https://careers.smartsign.se

We work large and flexible throughout Dalarna and start from our office on Åsgatan in Falun.

Zinzino is a renowned global company hailing from Scandinavia, dedicated to test-based personalized nutrition. With a presence in over 100 markets worldwide, Zinzino offers scientifically validated nutritional supplements. Their commitment to delivering tailored solutions sets them apart, enabling individuals to optimize their well-being. Through their extensive reach and evidence-based approach, Zinzino continues to empower individuals worldwide to achieve their health goals.

Learn more at www.zinzino.com

Hotel Villa Långbers, at the top of Tällberg, is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden for exclusive meetings, regardless of whether it is a conference, party or relaxation. Miles-wide view of Siljan and surroundings that are as beautiful in summer greenery as in sparkling white snow provide perfect conditions for valuable occasions.

Beautifully located in direct connection to Höganäsbadet and Sandhan in Svärdsjön is our family-owned Trollnäs Gårdhotell anno 1923.

We plan land and create housing, we renovate and carpentry.
– We create conditions for benefit.

Other local sponsors:
– Karl Hedin Leksand -Elon Leksand